Twin Peaks - Double R Diner Store Takeover

Who would have thought a little bit of David Lynch would make it’s way to our humble abode?  For the first time in the history of GM, two of our stores will be taken over by the TWIN PEAKSDouble R Diner.   No regular scoops, gelato cakes or deep house tunes will be present, not even a drop of Salted Caramel White Choc – this is a wonderful and strange special agent operation.

Together with Pedestrian.TV and Stan, we’ve put our Dale Cooper gloves on to take you back in time to the warm and grainy realms of 90’s film.  As our stores transform in every way possible into the Double R Diner, each of you will be able to get a taste (literally) of Twin Peaks.  With three custom made flavours inspired from key scenes – you can re-live your cult fiction fantasy + the first 50 fans at 12pm & 5pm will get a slice of Norma’s Incredible (gelato) Cherry Pie.

The brand new Twin Peaks season will be released exclusively through Stan on May 22nd.


We’ve gotta spread the love from 12 – 10pm so 1 small scoop will be available per person (and yes we have security for those who pull a Log Lady on us).

Extra points, maybe even an extra scoop for dress ups – competing with our own staff of course; who’ll be dressed in Norma & shelly’s finest threads.


SHE’S DEAD, WRAPPED IN PLASTIC: Vanilla gelato with raspberry gel and a blueberry sheet

DAMN GOOD CUP OF COFFEE: Donut gelato with coffee caramel crunch

NORMA’S INCREDIBLE CHERRY PIE: Cherry sorbet swirled with shortcrust gelato and layered with cherry compote

For the first 50 fangirls and boys at 12pm & 5pm, mention “that cherry pie is worth a stop” to our staff to get a slice of Norma’s signature.


262 King St Newtown, 22nd May

164 Swan St Richmond, 25th May

OPENING HOURS: 12PM – 10PM (closed 4-5pm)

*This takeover is legit, Newtown (22nd May) & Richmond (25th May) will not have any regular Messina trade, no transactions can be made throughout the day and no other flavours, cakes or delivery will be available besides the Twin Peaks flavours above.

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