Restaurant Hubert Magnums & Movies

We've collaborated with Restaurant Hubert's latest theatre programme, making fun-filled custom desserts for each and every screening.

Hosted at magical Restaurant Hubert, tucked away through hidden doors is a secret Theatre Royale. Home to wild Magnums & Movie events featuring decadent feasts sat side by side with strangers, passing oversized vessels of wine down the aisles. Sounds like our kinda night.

We've partnered up with the connoisseurs of film, food and wine to create a custom gelato creation that's tailored to each film — ready to be devoured at the end of your meal and finish on a sugar high.

Tickets (including a French feast and magnums of wine) are purchasable HERE.

The full line up:

July 4 Born on the 4th of July⁠

July 14  La Vie En Rose ⁠

July 18 Blue Velvet⁠

Aug 1 My Own Private Idaho⁠

Aug 15 Baz Luhrmann's Romeo & Juliet⁠

Aug 29 Birdman⁠

Sept 12 The Great Beauty⁠

Sept 26 Edward Scissorhands


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