Night Noodle Markets are back for 2018

Night Noodle Markets is driving back into town for another year, and this time our menu has gone full Filo.

No, everything isn’t wrapped in filo pastry (just one of them), but we’ve been inspired by the taste and smells of the Philippines (and our smokey neighbours at Hoy Pinoy) when making this year’s desserts.

Of course, no visit to the Philippines is complete without a ride on a ‘Jeepney’ – the Filipino’s WAY more colourful version of our no. 333 bus – which has inspired our stand design this year.  Let’s just say it won’t be hard to find us in Hyde Park!

Take a ride to the ‘LAND OF THE LECHE FLAN’ to taste our four custom Filipino desserts.

We’ve done a gelato take on the traditional Brazo De Mercedes, a pimped up ‘Halo Halo’, a Turon like you’ve never seen before, and a peach & mango tribute to the fast food stalwart, Jollibee.

Only available at Night Noodle Markets Sydney from the 4th – 21st October.

Weekdays 5pm – late

Weekends 4pm – late



Brown sugar & banana gelato wrapped in banana bread & filo pastry, deep fried and served with custard & chocolate peanut crumb

Dulce de leche gelato, caramel shaved ice, caramel leche flan, dulce de leche, toasted milk crumb, caramel syrup & evaporated milk

Layers of mango salsa, condensed milk chantilly cream, house-made graham cracker crumb and peach jellies

Pandan coconut gelato & condensed milk custard, sandwiched between a shortbread crust and baked meringue

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