Messina Music is Back

Messina Music is back, and we're bringing a new monthly mix to your ears

If you didn't already know, allow us to indulge in a little back story about the music you'll hear at Messina stores. Messina is owned by four partners - Nick Palumbo, Danny Palumbo, Donato Toce and Declan Lee. Declan is our 'brand custodian' and now heads up Messina marketing, but back in the day he was actually a DJ and Festival Promoter. In the early days, when there was only one store in Darlinghurst, he started meticulously curating DJ mixes and playlists specifically for Messina. And although the idea of curated playlists is pretty common these days (especially with streaming services and their amazing algorithms), back then it took a bit more time and a bit more effort to dig, download, and compile. It was all the music he loved, music that made you dance, and music that created an experience beyond the cup or cone. Thankfully it stuck, and it's now a signature part of any Messina trip. If you’re a Messina regular, you’ll no doubt recognise some of the mixes.

We always get loads of people asking us about the playlists and mixes we play in store. It's nice to hear compliments about the music we curate and to know that people are discerning enough to notice. The truth is, it's a self-indulgent selection of mixes and tracks curated by a DJ that once was, but now isn’t.. i.e. Declan.

About 5 years ago we dabbled in starting Messina Music again - we started off well, but like most things, life got in the way and the last mix we uploaded was a longggg time ago. Anyway, Messina Music is back. We'll be bringing you a new DJ mix by a bunch of hand picked selectors every month, throughout the year. This month Ashley Feraude, who’s not only a Canberra DJ but also a regular at our Braddon store, has laid down a superb mix that’s the perfect summer Sunday accompaniment to your favourite scoop.

You’ll hear his mix in-stores from now in, and can listen to it on the Gelato Messina SoundCloud.


Ashley Feraude’s Around The House Mix

Here’s a little blurb Ashley wrote for us about his mix...

"Every time I walked into Messina to grab my favourite gelato and I couldn’t help but notice the music. To me it was as sweet as the frozen bliss. After a few months of visits I ended up asking the staff where the sounds were from and that led me to the Messina mixes – discovering hours of the type of house I loved and still love.

The last time I was in there my girlfriend had to pull me out of the store because I wanted to stay there just to hear the next song. ‘You should see if they would play one of your mixes?’ she said. What a great idea and what a great girlfriend! So I headed home to my records and mixed a selection of house tunes I hope people will enjoy as much as I enjoyed curating…"


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