Messina Martin Place Has Opened

Welcome to our hybrid gelato and chocolate store in Sydney— the first of its kind.

If you’re a Sydney city slicker, your afternoons are about to get a whole lot sweeter.  Our shiny new hybrid gelato and chocolate store is now scooping at 25 Martin Place.

Along with a full cabinet of 35 signature and 5 rotating gelato specials, gelato cakes and shakes made with Messina Jersey milk — this store comes complete with it’s own chocolate cabinet. Discover our new range of handmade chocolate bars, blocks and bark all made by our in-house team of chocolatiers at our Marrickville HQ. Created with single origin cocoa and cocoa butter from Ecuador, Peru and our 80% dark chocolate is made from Australian cocoa from the Daintree rainforest in Queensland.

Explore the chocolate range...


$7 each, $25 gift box x 4, $48 gift box x 8

  • rocky road – strawberry & vanilla marshmallow, roasted almonds and hazelnuts, raisins, pistachios, biscuit, coated in dark chocolate
  • cone-ception – waffle cone cream & cone crunch pieces on a biscuit base, enrobed in caramelised white chocolate
  • pistachio praline – pistachio cream and biscuit enrobed in white chocolate, sprinkled with chopped pistachios
  • messinatella – messinatella cream and roughly chopped roasted hazelnuts on a biscuit base, enrobed in milk chocolate
  • wagon wheel – chocolate biscuit, vanilla marshmallow & raspberry gel enrobed in 65% dark chocolate
  • pops – chewy pistachio nougat with almonds, enrobed in 65% dark chocolate
  • vovo vroom – raspberry cream, biscuit & raspberry gel, enrobed in raspberry chocolate, topped with coconut
  • choc mint – dark chocolate biscuit with mint crème, enrobed in 65% dark chocolate
  • Italian nougat – hazelnut nougat with whole roasted hazelnuts enrobed in milk chocolate
  • carms-a-sutra – raspberry nougat with cranberries and whole roasted almonds in nougat, enrobed in milk chocolate
  • fairy bread – bread and burnt butter cream, biscuit base, enrobed in white chocolate with hundreds and thousands
  • malt in your mouth – chocolate biscuit base and malt cream enrobed in milk chocolate, topped with mini malt biscuits
  • lamington – chocolate cream and raspberry gel sandwiched between chocolate biscuits, enrobed in 65% dark choc
  • lucky Chip – peanut cream on a biscuit base, enrobed in white chocolate, topped with a golden peanut
  • vanilla – vanilla cream and biscuit enrobed in vanilla white chocolate, topped with a dark chocolate curl
  • just sayin' – orange cream and chocolate biscuit enrobed in 65% dark chocolate, topped with orange choc dots
  • cookies & cream – dark Chocolate, cookie cream and cookie pieces on a chocolate biscuit, enrobed in 65% dark chocolate


Sold by weight – $8 per 100g

  • 44% milk chocolate and hazelnut
  • 65% dark chocolate and hazelnut
  • 65% dark chocolate and almond
  • milk chocolate and coconut
  • raspberry chocolate and pistachio
  • milk chocolate and almond
  • white chocolate, pistachio and almond


Try the whole collection – $12 each

  • neapolitan – milk chocolate, white chocolate with Heilala vanilla, strawberry chocolate infused with freeze dried strawberries
  • fairy Bread – white chocolate mixed with dehydrated toast crumbs, sprinkled with 100's & 1000's
  • cone-ception – caramelised white chocolate mixed with cone crunch crumbs
  • milk chocolate – 45% milk chocolate made using single origin cocoa from Ecuador

Find us at: Shop 7.15/25 Martin Pl, Sydney
We're open: 12pm – late, everyday

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