Messina Eats: Breakfast (all day)

For the next Messina Eats we're collaborating with....ourselves! And we're flipping the event on its head and doing brekkie.

Our very talented chefs at Rosebery HQ are the ones behind the sweet and the savoury menu items this time. Everyday, they're the ones that make all the gelato, pastry additions, cakes, and special event products behind the scenes — so for Messina Eats Breakfast (All Day) they'll be showing off some of their skills in the kitchen.

From 8am, we'll be serving up a mouth-watering menu of savoury creations (mostly involving hash browns), plus plenty of pastry options which showcase our farm produce. We'll be using strawberries from our farm to make the strawberry and custard danish, our Victorian grown hazelnuts for a hazelnut frangipane and praline croissant plus all the coffee will be made with Messina Milk - our own jersey milk from our dairy farm in Victoria - (don't panic, yes you can get Soy too...).

Executive Chef Tom Mitchell (who is equally obsessed with pastry, as he is gelato) has even drafted in his Mum for the event - she'll be making her famous 'Made In Yass' granola, for our YASSSS BOWL, which will be served with house-made Messina yoghurt and strawberries from our farm.

And if you were ever looking for an excuse to have gelato for breakfast, we've got the perfect one. A Messina first, we're making fresh strawberry OR coffee granita served with house-made brioche and whipped cream. This Sicilian brekkie classic is one in which our big cheese Nick Palumbo, grew up eating when visiting Messina, Sicily and pretty much where Messina was born.

For the very first time, we'll be selling 1L glass bottles of our Jersey Milk — which is super high in cream content and flavour (you'll notice a difference straight away). Soon, you'll be able to bring your milk bottles back to Rosebery, to get refills, so you can take it home and add it to your cereal, coffee or whatever else you like!

Our friends across the road at Welcome Dose will have a complete coffee station setup, pumping out their signature roasted blend and cold brew from 8am.

See you there!

Opening Hours: 8am - 3pm (or until sold out)

Location: Rosebery HQ, 58 Mentmore Avenue Rosebery

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