An A-Moozing Pop-Up With Deliveroo: Messina Milk

“If you need lots of milk, buy lots of cows” said the someone in the Messina office in 2016.

At Messina we make all our dairy-based gelato flavours with fresh milk – every.single.messina.flavour gets made from scratch with no pastes or gels in sight. And to do that we get through A LOT of milk – the numbers rack up to approximately 10,000 litres of milk each week which makes around 60,000 scoops for you to eat in store. (All of our sorbets are vegan and dairy free just incase you were wondering).

If you’ve ever wondered about the difference between gelato & ice cream – aren’t they just the same thing with different names?? Find out here

Based on our obsession of making the best product we possibly can, came the next step in the Messina journey…buying our own dairy farm so we can supply our own milk. Based in Numurkah in Country Victoria is Erindale Farm, now home to 270 jersey cows which will soon be ready to supply milk for our gelato. We’re not QUITE ready for that yet – the cows are still in rehearsals and learning their lines, but we have got a very small batch for you to try. And what better to do with milk, than to make choccy milk!

Look no further than Infinity Field, brought to you by those very teal roos at Deliveroo.Ever wanted to try a Messina iced coffee, how about salted caramel milk? In collaboration with Deliveroo we bring you a cool place to take photos which makes you look like you’re in a field somewhere in the depths of Numerkah (note, we know the skies not teal out there, the colours just take amazing selfies) and The Messina Milk Bar.

For one day only, you canget your first (and only) chance to try five amazing Messina milk flavours: Strawberry, Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Iced Coffee & Malted Vanilla for FREE.

This won’t be coming out in stores and will only be available on Friday 3rd Nov at World Square. Numbers are limited so get in quick.
SYDNEY: 3rd November – World Square – more info here

MELBOURNE: 11th November – South Bank (more details coming soon)

Free, first come first served & only until stocks last!

Step inside the box to take a picture of you in the Infinity Field, and then quench your thirst after all the selfie taking by choosing your own Messina Milk flavour at the Messina Milk Bar.

Messina flavoured milk, served at our infinity room collaboration with Deliveroo

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