• Eggomaniac - Easter Egg
  • Eggomaniac - Easter Egg
  • Eggomaniac - Easter Egg
  • Eggomaniac - Easter Egg
  • Eggomaniac - Easter Egg

Eggomaniac - Easter Egg

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Handmade golden Messina milk chocolate egg shell, sprinkled with chopped roasted hazelnuts filled with six rocher balls:

2 x waffle cone and white chocolate rocher, filled with waffle cone cream
2 x 65% dark chocolate and salted peanut rocher, filled with peanut cream
2 x milk chocolate and hazelnut rocher, filled with Messinatella cream

SERVING: 2 - 4 people

GOLDEN EGG WINNER: If you find the golden rocher, you're the lucky winner of a year's worth of Messina! Email hello@gelatomessina.com with a picture of the rocher (before you eat it!) to claim your prize!

Sold out sorry :(

Store in a cool dark place. If it’s extremely hot, store in the fridge and leave at room temperature 30 minutes before consuming. Gently smash the egg open to reveal six rocher surprises.

dairy, gluten, nuts, soy

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When transporting keep upright (it's fragile!) and in a cool dark place