• Easter 2019 - The Holy Trinity
  • Easter 2019 - The Holy Trinity
  • Easter 2019 - The Holy Trinity

Easter 2019 - The Holy Trinity

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Rejoice now my friends, the Messina messiah is coming tomorrow in the form of The Holy Trinity. This year’s eggs are a testament to our chefs, who have resurr-egg-cted our best specials and turned them into a divine collection of gelato eggs.

Introducing our heavenly eggs —THE HOLY TRINITY.

Each box contains one of each egg (eggers can't be choosers)


LORD LAMINGTON It wouldn't be a LORD LAMINGTON without multiple layers now would it? Filled with coconut gelato, raspberry gel, coconut and chocolate dacquoise, milk choc parfait and dipped in red choc glaze and desiccated coconut, this cross-section is the most eggs-quisite.

SAINT PISTACHIO A gluttonous Italian eggy filled with Italian nougat + chocolate honey gelato and a pistachio fudge 'yolk'

HOLY HOT CROSS BUNS But how can we forget about the holy one. Filled with gelato that has been cooked with hot cross buns and large holy chunks of toasted and spiced buns, the centre is filled with gooey dulce de leche and coated in a milk choc glaze.

All three are best eaten cracked – but don't take our word as gospel. Limited numbers are available at selected stores, so hatch a plan quick or your efforts will come too little too laid. Each set comes in a custom branded box. This year’s flavours are hard to beat.

ALLERGENS: Eggs, Dairy, Gelatine, Gluten, Nuts

SERVES: 6-9 

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TAKING YOURS HOME: Remember it’s gelato so bring an esky if you’re travelling far. You’ll have 20 mins to get home after pick up. Here’s more info on transporting gelato cakes.