• The Christmas Coma 2017

The Christmas Coma 2017

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‍Nothing quite says Xmas like overeating and spiralling into that inevitable post lunch coma! And what better way to usher in that strangely satisfying feeling of excess and discomfort than Messina’s ‘Christmas Coma’ trifle. When you think you’ve got nothing left, grab a spoon and dig deep… this one’s worth the push. This year we’ve travelled back in time to re-think, re-tweak and re-invent the humble yet but a downright delicious classic trifle. Our version is of course, the gelato edition. Welcome into your wonderful life, THE CHRISTMAS COMA..

As always, every inch of this sweet mélange is lovingly made in house at Messina HQ, and believe us when we say this bad boy is bringing the whole package. Layer upon layer of gelato, creams and jellies, surrounded by the great wall of jam rolls and topped with raspberry meringue and ganache cherries! Peach jellies Raspberry and marsala jelly Vanilla custard gelato Whipped vanilla cream Raspberry meringue Sherry soaked jam rolls Blood peach sorbet White choc leaf garnish & cherry truffles But wait, that’s not all.

Finish yourself off with:

  • 1L of Messina brandy custard in a custom printed bottle (perfect to drown your Christmas sorrows with or get grandma tipsy)
  • A bag of chocolate-coated nuts & rice crispies (we now make all our own chocolate at Messina HQ so have added some handmade chocolate balls into your Christmas care package)

ALLERGIES: Eggs, Dairy, Gluten, Alcohol, Nuts, Gelatine

SERVES: 18-20 people  


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Remember it’s gelato so bring an esky if you’re travelling far…no one wants you to ruin Christmas. The trifle will last about 30 minutes out of the freezer