Messina Scoops Preloader

Stores & Stuff

What time do you open?

Are you open on public holidays?

I’ve tried calling your store a million times? Why aren’t they answering?!

I’ve seen something on Instagram I want to eat – where can I get it?

I want to buy a gift card!

Do you deliver?

Do you sell your cones and cups?


How long do specials stay in the cabinet for?

Do you have any vegan flavours?

Are your cones vegan?

Is your gelato safe for pregnant women to consume?

Are your products halal?

Are any of your flavours nut free?

Do you sell bigger tubs of gelato?

Do you have sugar free gelato?

Do you have an ingredients list of your flavours?

About The Business

Who owns Messina?

Do you franchise?

Will you sell me gelato for my awesome new café/restaurant?

Do you collaborate?


Can I order a cake?

Do you make custom cakes?

I’m running late to pick up my cake!

Gelato Classes & Creative Department

Do you run gelato classes?

Do you sell the powders from your recipe books so I can make your gelato at home?

What is the Creative Department dessert degustation?