That's Mint. Real Mint

All about them ‘Erbs & our Choc Mint Gelato

Every mound of Choc Mint gelato you’ll see in the cabinet in-store contains 5 bunches of mint - picked, washed & juiced. Fresh mint. Actual mint like the stuff that you muddle into a mojito. Before it gets to looking like this...some minty moments need to happen...

What’s up with mint?

We often get customers who try our Choc Mint flavour for the first time come back to us only to tell us that something "isn't quite right" with it. They often come back with very confused looks on their faces, as the flavour they were expecting isn't the one that they have in front of them. Most people expect a fake;  toothpaste or after dinner chocolate kind of mint flavour that we’ve become so accustomed to over the years. This kind of flavour is peppermint oil, artificially extracted and used in things like chewing gum, toothpaste & of course other choc-mint ice creams and gelatos.

What are we using then?

Fresh mint. The real stuff. Juicing mint is a painstaking labour of love. It can’t simply be put into a juicer. First, the mint is washed and checked to ensure there are no specks of dirt or any other ‘unwanteds’. We then use a cold press juicer that minces the mint to extract all the water and leaves behind the solids – aka the ‘precious juice’.

This ‘precious juice’ is what we use to make our Choc Mint gelato. It’s really that simple. Many people have never tried something like this before. Go get a sampler next time you’re in store - it might surprise you.

Here's a little snap shot into the life of our mint and it's cold press juicing days:

Fresh mint for our Choc Mint gelato being put through the cold press

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