Night Noodle Markets Brisbane - 2017

We’re bringing the very best of our interstate Night Noodle desserts all the way to Brisbane, for our first ever Night Noodle stall in Brisbane!

With two of our most popular Asian concoctions returning for a debut in Brisbane:

PAVIN’ IT LARGE – coconut & pandan sorbet with lychee meringue, yuzu puree, pandan custard and raspberry marshmallow

GREAT BALLS OF FRYER – Deep fried coconut & palm sugar gelato, mango pudding and drizzled passionfruit caramel

And two brand new creations especially for Brisbane:

ENTER THE DRAGONFRUIT: Banana miso gelato with lychee tapioca, dragonfruit jellies and sweetened coconut thai milk tea

IT’S SHER-BERTH DAY: White chocolate lined cone filled with mango sherbet, vanilla cream & mango jellies dipped in white chocolate

WHEN: 19th – 30th July
WHERE: Cultural Forecourt, South Bank

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