Messina's Lucky Fortune Bar Night Noodle Markets 2015

The Messina LUCKY FORTUNE BAR has been reincarnated for the 2015 Good Food Night Noodle Markets which kick off in Sydney tonight (8 October). We're bringing good luck and good fortune to Hyde Park in Sydney for 2 and half weeks or so where we'll be serving up 5 new menu items for you!

This year, our awesome friends at WONDERBAO have perfected an un-bao-lieable recipe for sweet sweet baos, perfect for us to fill with delicious gelato things, then roll around in more deliciously saucy things (all sounds rather fun to us). We've got 2 flavours of sweet BAO, plus our never-been-tasted-before balls (we've been planning to do for what seems like Zodiacs of years!).

We've also figured out the perfect deep fried ice cream ball, filled it with thai custard and then nestled it into Messina 'tinned fruit salad'.

If you're feeling pumped by the pressure at Night Noodle, you can grab one of two ready-to-go MESSINA WEALTH BARS flavours - there's no waiting around for cooking, steaming, saucing. You can sneak off to a corner, unwrap and devour one (or both) before hitting the next queue.

Read on for full details. See you there!


Messina's deep fried bao filled with gelato for Night Noodle Markets 2015
DAVID BAO-WY - Deep fried gua bao filled with salted coconut sorbet, dipped in white chocolate mango ganache and rolled in crushed cashews (contains NUTS, GLUTEN, DAIRY)
Messina's deep fried ice cream bao for Night Noodle Markets 2015
BAO CHICKA BAO BAO - Deep fried gua bao filled with peanut gelato, dipped in milk chocolate sauce and rolled in crushed peanuts (contains NUTS, GLUTEN, DAIRY)
The origional deep fried ice cream ball in Australia created by Gelato Messina in 2015
GREAT BALLS OF FRYER - Deep fried ice cream balls filled with thai custard gelato, lovingly nestled in ‘messina tinned fruit salad' and your choice of our caramel or chocolate sauce (contains GLUTEN, EGGS, NUTS, DAIRY)
Messina's ice cream gelato bar created for Night Noodle Markets 2015
GOLD BULLION BAR - Layers of gulamalaka gelato, condensed milk gelato, passion fruit jelly, a nut crunch, and banana bread (contains GLUTEN, EGGS, NUTS, DAIRY)
Messina's Lucky Money Gelato Ice Cream Bar for Night Noodle Markets 2015
LUCKY MONEY BAR - Layers of coconut gelato, pandan and coconut sorbet, mango gel, cashew nut sponge and coconut biscuit (contains GLUTEN, EGGS, NUTS, DAIRY)

Local artist Chris Yee has also been working his magic on our stand this's almost ready to serve up the goods!

Chris Yee's hand painted Night Noodle Market stand for Messina

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