Messina Eats: Wonderbao For Chinese New Year

2019 is the year of the pig, which means some very delicious dishes are on the way.

Wonderbao will be in town for Chinese New Year, exclusively for our Messina Eats February edition.

Creating a custom menu that highlights pork in the baost possible way, the masters of Chinese dumplings will be making a new range of filled and steamed bao.

Are you ready for their three new gua baos?

Roast Pork - with pickled carrot, daikon, cucumber and hoisin sauce

Beer Battered Fried Chicken - with pickled red cabbage, curry leaf and nyonya mayo

Fried Tofu - with okonomiyaki sauce, nori, pickles and togarashi spice

They're also making their traditional filled baos. Choose from BBQ pork, a vegan shiitake mushroom concoction or a sweet egg custard bun. And on the side grab yourself some loaded XO fries with pork floss, spring onion and sesame seeds.

On the dessert front, we're brining back our ever so popular mango pancake — mango crepes filled with mango sorbet and whipped cream. Just like the ones you get at yum cha, but with gelato.

Plus, we're mixing up two custom drinks, to wash down the Lunar New Year celebrations.

Join us from Friday 1st - Saturday 2nd February for lunch and dinner, 12pm — late.

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