How Good is Wine?


And HOW GOOD IS IT to be able to sample loads and loads of it, all in one place? DE DE DERRRR...that's the perfect combo for VINO PARADISO this weekend. We're not wine producers, but we've partnered with Logan Wines who have the most wine-derful vineyard in the NSW Central Ranges, specifically Orange and Mudgee to create three unique gelato based / wine infused desserts for you at the event.

Our stands will be back to back all weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) down at The Rocks, so you can sample their superior vinos along side our creations. Each one of our desserts uses one of their wines - from a Shiraz to a vintage bottle of bubbles.

Here's what's on the menu (all $10 each):

Messina X Logan wines custom soft serve for Vino Paradiso
Shirazzamatazz: A shiraz grape juice soft serve sundae topped with chocolate mousse, blackberry jellies, hazelnut praline and chocolate cookie crumb (Using freshly squished shiraz grape juice from the Logan vineyard)

Messina X Logan Wines products for Vino Paradiso
Rosè Gonzales: A thin layer of rosè gel sandwiched between pistachio gelato and vanilla olive oil sponge, finished with a rosè glaze and topped with chocolate shards (Using Logan ‘Hannah’ Rosè)
Absolutely Flabulous: one of the Messina X Logan custom products for Vino Paradiso
Absolutely Flabulous: A flute of champagne sorbet, mandarin gel, mandarin sponge, chocolate and popping candy crunch and mandarin foam (Using Logan Vintage ‘M’ Cuvee)

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