Drumstick X Messina

Peters DRUMSTICK is Australia’s Number 1 Ice Cream Cone and has been a part of Australian culture since 1963.  So when we were offered the opportunity to give the classic Drumstick a Messina make over, there wasn't anyone gonna stop us....

It's not our first collaboration to appear in the supermarket aisles - in 2017 we launched our first collaborative supermarket product - a Gelato Messina Tim Tam range. HOWEVER, the Drumstick X Messina range is our first foray into the frozen aisle. With any ice cream creation, we are hard task masters when it comes to product development. For this range, we spent countless hours working with the Drumstick team (shout out to Dave who was an absolute legend in that department) making a product which drumsticked all our boxes. We're really bloody happy with the results, and when you taste them, we think you will be too.  

The range has 4 new flavours, and is available in all major supermarkets and convenience stores.

Mango & Salted Coconut
Fresh Kensington Pride mango sorbet entwined with Murray River Salted Coconut sorbet, swirled with Kensington Pride Mango sauce and topped with toasted coconut flakes.

Vanilla Bean & Peanut Praline
Rich three fold vanilla bean ice cream, topped with a sweet & salty peanut praline and dark chocolate sauce.

Roasted Hazelnut
A unique MESSINA hazelnut sauce swirled through indulgent chocolate gelato, topped with roasted hazelnuts all the way from Cortemilia in Italy.

Dulce de Leche
This one of a kind flavour is made MESSINA’s trademark Dulce de Leche sauce, mixed with chocolate coated biscuit pieces

The Peters Drumstick X Messina range officially launches today (11th January2019). It's NOT available in Messina stores, ONLY supermarkets and convenience stores.

Supermarkets will sell all 4 flavours in boxes of 4 for RRP $9.99, and convenience stores will stock the Mango & Salted Coconut and Roasted Hazelnut flavours separately for RRP $4.90. Go get em.

Read more about the how the flavours were created here

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