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Hi🕺Currently these are out of stock but keep an eye on our socials to find out when they're back! 

Messina spreads have been a hit for some time now. The choc hazelnut, dulce de leche and waffle cone spreads are perfect for schmearing on toast or straight from the jar, but they're not exactly pourable, are they. So our chefs developed a toppings range, pourable straight from the bottle to your scoops.  All made from scratch at Rosebery HQ in Sydney, using the finest ingredients we can get our hands on.

What's on the toppings menu?

  • Choc Hazelnut – a rich blend of roasted Piedmont hazelnuts and cocoa (nuts, dairy, soy)
  • Dulce De Leche – a traditional South American milk jam made from our award-winning Jersey milk (dairy)
  • Peanut Butter (very limited stock) – for all the peanut butter addicts out there. Roasted and salted peanuts are blitzed into a smooth topping (nuts, dairy, soy)

Bottle Price: $12 EACH or 3 FOR $30

Size: Each bottle is 350g and contains around 17.5 servings, depending on how saucy you are.

Serving Suggestions

As the weather cools down, make your own Messina shakes or warm flavoured milk at home for the ultimate snack. Vigorously mix or blend about 30ml of topping with 250ml of Messina Milk, using an electric whisk, fork, or, shake in sealed bottle until perfectly combined. Like it hot? Use the same ratio and mix in a pot over the stove or pour into a mug and microwave. You've got this.

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