Air Wick X Messina - An Unlikey Collaboration

A project with AIR WICK? That same bemused look might be passing over your face right now, but hear us out. No, there is not an air freshener flavoured gelato flavour.

When Air Wick first approached us a few long weeks ago now with info on their ‘Life Scents’ range and asked us to work with them, you could say we were reserved at the least. BUT the science behind their new range of scents is pretty damn cool. Basically, they have developed fragrances, which change in the air as you spray them. And they asked us if we could do the same thing with desserts.

Challenge accepted. It wasn’t easy – we needed some new snazzy machines, lots of hard work from our chefs and we also enlisted the help of a food technologist who helped us figure out how to suspend flavour bubbles at different levels.

In the process, we discovered you cannot create something which changes flavour in one spoonful, but you can create desserts which play on your senses whist you eat them to create a fully multi-sensory experience.

The result?

Our chefs delivered a fully edible, multi sensory desserts degustation. The was hand painting of chocolate rose stems, safety glasses, fully edible trees, and liquid nitrogen involved.

We held three degustation events at our new HQ & factory for guests to come and try them.



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