A party with men who really love dessert - Andy Bowdy Pasty, Big Gay Ice Cream, and us of course


Can you think of a better way to spend your Friday night than with us, loads of sugar and some of our friends? If the answer is yes…stop reading now.

Our friends Big Gay Ice Cream are in town from NY and we thought HELL YEAH lets have a party. Andy Bowdyfelt a bit left out, so we invited him too.

Here at Gelato Messina, we’ve been around for a while. We’ve seen the rise of the dessert industry and the gelato industry. And we are of course interested in it. Why do people want to eat dessert so much? What’s going to happen in the future? What have all these creators learnt along the way? Will Andy Bowdy EVER divulge how he makes those drips look so good? What the hell is happening on the other side of the world in Big Gay Ice Cream’s American dream and should we care?

Join us for an evening of interesting discussion questions, eating, and soft serve based challenges. BUY TICKETS HERE



MESSINA HQ in Rosebery, Sydney


We’re going to have a discussion about dessert…we’re hoping this will be an interesting insight into the industry

Q&A - ask any of our panel your questions*

Eating (gelato and cake based items only)

The Superbowl SUNDAE challenge

Eating (again, gelato and cake based items only)


Having a gay old time

**You’ll have the chance to ask anyone there questions as part of the discussion part, so get your thinking caps on!

WANT TO COME? We have 40 places available…first in best dressed. BOOK YOUR TICKETS HERE: https://weteachme.com/gelatomessina/1011807-superbowl-sundae-on-a-friday

*please note, we may be asking the panel participants to wear costumes, so it you’re easily offended, don’t apply

HERE'S WHO'S GOING TO BE THERE... all having a gay old time already:

Andy Bowdy at Superbowl Sundae
ANDY BOWDY...self proclaimed king of the pastry, sideways soft serve and all round (he's on a diet so don't be too mean) funny guy. Part time breakdancer and avid sneaker collector, he's also rumoured to have a sneaker collection of  2000 pairs. He's a man of sugar and shoes.
The Big Gay Ice Cream guys are over from America to eat sundaes with us
BRYAN PETROFF AND DOUG QUINT are the men behind US ice cream company, BIG GAY ICE CREAM. They love wildlife parks, and have  a rather large shared sock collection, but rarely wear socks. Bryan's favourite swimming strokes are doggy paddle and butterfly as they both involve animals. He also enjoys a good swan dive.

Donato Toce ready for some sundae eating
DONATO TOCE - he's not always this happy, but he's as happy as a a pig in shit when splashing around in his test kitchen here at Messina HQ. He has a dog called @olivertank who won heaviest dog 2015, and has his own pooch paddling pool at Donato's home.

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