• Super Dulce De Leche*

Super Dulce De Leche*

Dulce de leche gelato with dulce de leche throughout. We make our own dulce de leche in-house.

Dietary Information: Dairy

1 scoop: $6.20
2 scoops: $8.00
3 scoops: $10.00

0.5L tub: $17.00 (up to 3 flavours)
1L tub: $29.00 (up to 4 flavours)
1.5L tub: $ $34.00 (up to 5 flavours)

Please note: prices in perth are slightly more expensive

Available in-store or delivered via Uber Eats

We now make our own chocolate in house. The machinery used to produce our chocolate is also used to make our nut pastes, which means that any flavours containing chocolate DO contain nuts. This includes almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, macadamias, peanuts and pecans.

Please note, that while these flavours are listed as ‘Alcohol Free’, flavours indicated with a * contain Heilala Pure Vanilla Extract. The Vanilla Extract contains Water (65%) & Alcohol (35%). The amount used in our products is considered safe for children to consume, but it is not Halal certified or suitable for those who cannot consume alcohol for religious or other beliefs.