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Welcome to the second edition of THE SCOOP – our Messina staff newsletter. Let's catch up on what's happening!

Do Good for Two Good Co. cracker assembling

We had a great time putting together our Two Good Co. X Messina Christmas crackers. Thank you to all volunteers from every department in Messina: Stores, production, head office and the volunteers from Two Good Co. themselves. Believe it or not, we whipped up over 800 crackers in just 1.5 hours. That’s got to be a record somewhere!

We got to know the amazing volunteers at Two Good Co. - Warrick, Marina, and Wah. Marina shared parts of her journey and how Two Good Co. impacted a positive change in her life. After getting some much-needed help from the charity while she was in a shelter, she's been giving back as a volunteer for Two Good Co. for a few years now. 

Each cracker comes with a voucher that gives a meal to a woman in need and customers get a scoop when they redeem it at the store, making that a very sweet way to give back!

Shadow Baking’s in demand!

Shadow Baking is making waves in Sydney, becoming a sensation just two weeks after opening! Our dynamic trio, Tom, Remi, and Flo are rolling up their sleeves and creating mouth-watering baked goods – so good they are selling out every day! There's a constant river of customers flowing out the door and newspapers are practically fighting to tell their story. Check the rave reviews on Broadsheet, Time Out, and Concrete Playground. Tom, ready to polish your star-studded interview skills?

Arrive early so you don’t miss out on the treats – I promise, the avocado and vegemite scroll really is that good!

Messina Eats x Hugo’s Deli – Messina HQ

What a culinary ride! Hugo's Deli swung by from Richmond, Victoria, and delivered a taste sensation right to our doorstep. Their legendary fried chicken sandwich, delectable steak frites, and an elusive special they rarely share (lucky us!), were all available. This epic collaboration, something we've been eagerly anticipating, lit up our Messina HQ car park on the 17th and 18th of November. In Messina's signature style, we whipped up an unbeatable treat to complement that fried chicken sandwich and potato salad - our exclusive 'Triple Whammy Maxibon'. Check out what Delicious thinks about it below!

MindFit at Work – Lets catch up

Have you had a chance to explore the latest insight videos by MindFit at Work? They offer a variety of resources that you can access anytime from your phone. These range from sleep hacks to the benefits of ice baths. You'll find a wealth of information that may assist you. For newcomers, MindFit At Work is a leading provider of mental health and EAP programs. If you haven't signed up, simply download the MindFit EAP app and log in using your email and the code 095954. This remains completely private just to you, and we hope that if there is any assistance you may wish for, this platform will be there to help.

Check out their latest free webinar for Financial Wellbeing below. You can view this for free once you have signed in to the app, which you can view straight from your phone!

New faces for the month of November

Please welcome some new faces that joined the Messina team for the month of November:

Damien Nguyen - Events Team Leader, VIC

Mark Dunca – Store Manager, Star City

Luisa Fraccaro – Store Manager, Malvern

Damien Nguyen – Team Leader, Events, Melbourne

Michelle Sutrisno – Pastry Chef, HQ

Ryan Boulanger – Pastry Chef, Shadow Baking

What's coming up?

Standard Procedure x Messina – we have made a sunscreen!

Get ready for a summer treat! We've joined forces with Standard Procedure to whip up the most delectable sunscreen you've ever smelled. Imagine gelato for your skin, bursting with hints of mango, pineapple, and vanilla. You might find yourself wishing you could take a bite! The sunscreen will make its grand entrance at Messina online, as well as Sephora online and Qantas Marketplace. As the days grow longer and the sun shines brighter, there's no better time to grab this summer must-have alongside your scoop of gelato!

FELLR x Messina – A match made in heaven!

Pop the confetti! We've teamed up with FELLR to bring you our exclusive line-up of sorbet seltzers! With a tantalizing twist of Blood Orange, a sassy swirl of Salted Coconut and a sweet mix of Mango and Yuzu, this collaboration is nothing short of a flavor fiesta. Get ready to spot our seltzers strutting the shelves at BSW and Dan Murphy's from December 1st! So noone will miss out, we will be celebrating our seltzers in store with 3 specials flavours to hit the cabinet. Check out what Concrete Playground has to say!

Shout outs of the month!

We wanted to take the opportunity to share some great achievements and reviews that we had for the month of November!

Mystery shopper winners

All stores below achieved above 75% rating!

Bondi: Gina, Jack, Dena, Prabesh, Millie, Isis, Antonia, Aischa, Babul, Nischal 

Randwick: Carla, Bianca, Leandro, Geraldine, Cecilia, Sebastian, Heitor, Jane 

Newtown: Melina, Alex, Aliya, Daniela, Darvy, Marsonia, Isabella, June, Laura, Milena, Naoya, Oscar, Nucharee

Customer review standout:

Malvern - Mimi

Richmond - Alice

Parramatta - Jenny

Welcome to the family Perth!

Aaaaaaaaaand we are open!







Messina end of year extravaganza! 

It’s time to take a walk on the wild side for our annual staff party. Now, this one will have some character as it will be Jungle themed! Details below:

Date: 15th January 2024

Time: 9:30am - 2pm

Location: SeaDeck, King Street Wharf

Theme: Jungle

Because we would love everyone to be there, our stores will still be operating, with a delayed opening time.

Make sure to click below to RSVP by the 1st January!

Messina's first guest writer - Can you guess who it is?


 Little seems to bother us scoop artists these days.

‘An extra cone on top of your cup? Sure, no worries.’ 

‘Dropped your scoop on the floor even though you’ve eaten 3 quarters of it already? Let us replace that for you and we’re really sorry that that happened.’ 

We’ve heard and seen it all before, yet the subject of the free sample and the lore that surrounds it remains a topic of heated debate. After much research, it would appear that the main ruffler of feathers when it comes to the free sample is how many are acceptable? Not just socially, but morally and spiritually as well. 

Is it one? Is it 6? Is it 18? How can you live with yourself asking to try vanilla? Its questions like these that have kept us as scoopologists awake at night for over two decades however I am now happy to report that the golden number has been established. Of course, what sets us apart from the competition is our no limit sample policy. However, the fine print of that policy also states that the more samples that are given, the more the glimmer of light that we all have in our eyes at the beginning of the interaction begins to dim.  

The light is at its brightest at the second sample, which is why we’re calling it the golden number. Two is innocent. Two is curious. It says that you liked what you just tried, but let me just be sure without trying to destroy the soul of my server and everyone behind me in the queue as well. And if you’re asking for a third, you better be getting a double scoop. 

More to come…  

We hope you have enjoyed the second edition of our Newsletter. We would love to hear more feedback on what you would like to see in the next edition! Please share your feedback to Reice at For any HR related enquiries, you can reach us on