Sample Menu

Strawberry, Beetroot & Basil, Crème Fraiche
Accompanied by Spritz

Yuzu & Olive Oil Sorbet, Moreton Bay Bug, Black Pepper Emulsion
Accompanied by Kiwi, Apple, Chilli & Herb Oil Or Tasogare Orange sake 2020 (Japan)

Black Truffle Gelato Potato, Comte, Hollandaise
Accompanied by Seedlip Spice 94, Grapefruit, Yeast Or Tasogare Insel Baltic Gose Beer (Germany)

Wagyu Beef, Three Ways. Bone Marrow Croffle, Tartar & Anchovy, Cheeks & Carrots
Accompanied by Ghiddy Pinot Noir

Black Garlic Gelato, Messina Dark Chocolate & Buckwheat Soufflé
Accompanied by Oak-Puccino

Wild Honey Gelato, Passionfruit, Tonka Bean
Accompanied by DIY Cocktail - Verjus, Lemon & Ginger Bitter
Whisky, Lemon & Ginger Bitter

*Some non-alcoholic drinks are naturally fermented and might contain very small amounts of alcohol.
*The menu is subject to change without notice.

CLASSIC 6 Course degustation with non-alcoholic pairing $130
Add Alcoholic Pairing $50