January Sample Menu

 Shiitake & Almond Sherbet, Mushroom Cone
Accompanied by Ginger & Sorrel Tonic or
Ginger & Sorrel Gin &Tonic

 Extra Virgin Olive Oil Sherbet, Ripe Peach, Tomato & Vanilla Bean Jelly
Accompanied by Sencha Tea, Honey Dew & Basil or Sake Fujiichi Shuzo with Honey Dew & Basil

Roasted Kombu Sherbet, Turnips & Peas, Comte Cheese & Dashi
Accompanied by Basil and Matcha Tea

Thyme Butter Gelato, Nduja & Black Garlic Pasta, Gorgonzola & Egg Yolk Sauce
Accompanied by Oak, Apricot, Ginger, Bees Wax & Bitters
Or Vouvray 2017

Caramelised Murray Cod Fat Gelato, Charcoal Grilled Murray Cod, Leeks & Lacto Ferment Sauce
Accompanied by Aged Plum Syrup, Red Shiso & Sansho Pepper

Shio Koji Gelato, Cherry Infused in KelpSyrup, Frozen Meringue
Accompanied by Seedlip Garden 108, Lime, Mint, Chili, Eucalyptus
or Absinthe, Lime, Mint, Chili, Eucalyptus

Crème Fraiche Gelato, Peppermint Gum Sherbet, Strawberry & Cream Brioche
Accompanied by Strawberry Milk Boba & Cream Cheese Foam

Wild Honey Gelato, Honey Crisp, Pickled Rhubarb, Rosella, Yoghurt Foam
Accompanied by DIY Cocktail - Salted Coconut Gelato, Lemon, Ginger Bitter, Honeycomb
Brix White Rum, Coconut Gelato, Lemon Syrup, Ginger Bitter, Honeycomb

*Some non-alcoholic drinks are naturally fermented and might contain very small amounts of alcohol.

8 Course degustation with non-alcoholic pairing $130
Add Alcoholic Pairing $50