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Roadshow Films

Orange Is The New Black

Roadshow Films approached us to assist in the promotion of the OITNB release. Wanting to incite a little shock and a lot of excitement, we developed a gelato and dessert based ‘prison food tray’.

The tray was complete with milk chocolate ‘meat loaf’, white chocolate and passion fruit ganache ‘fried egg’, parsnip and vanilla ‘mash’, the ‘Litchfield Log’ (our version of a Twinkie) and ‘peas and carrots’ made from jelly.

It was sent to press and media via frozen delivery to drive excitement around the launch.

Prison doesn’t look so bad, if this is what’s for lunch...

What better reason than to get into the spirit of the slammer and Piper’s big mouth than by making our very own “disgusting” prison lunch.

No thanks to Neptune Produce, and with a little help with the prep from Red, we made a special edition gelato lunch for the lovely ladies of Litchfield.  The nutritious meat and two veg was designed to delight and surprise the lucky inmates.

MENDEZ MEATLOAF: Chocolate gelato with chocolate crunch, white chocolate ganache, passionfruit coulis and rum caramel

CRAZY EYE’S SWIRL: Parsnip and vanilla mousse

PRISON WIFE PEAS & CARROTS: Orange and green apple jellies

LITCHFIELD LOG: Vanilla sponge with vanilla semi freddo centre

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