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Japanese Tourism & Qantas

Yummy Fun Truck

The Yummy Fun Truck was a concept created by Clemenger Group for Japanese Tourism and Qantas to promote the new direct flight from Melbourne to Tokyo. They hired our team to execute their vision; a Harajuku gelato van whizzing around Melbourne - filled with eight custom-made Japanese gelato flavours.

By far one of the most fun activations we’ve been a part of, the Harajuku wonderland drew crowds of over 1000 people per day at select Melbourne sites.

Our team worked directly with Clemenger to skin and design our gelato van, transforming it into a Harajuku ‘Yummy Fun Truck'.

The Messina chefs designed eight Japanese gelato specials with authentic ingredients sourced directly from Japan and were on site to provide the Messina customer service experience. We also did a press and media send out prior to the event.

TASTE OF JAPAN YUMMY FUN TRUCK FLAVOURS (all developed in-house by the Messina team):

Go Ahead, Make My Dai Dai - Satsuma mandarin curd gelato with dai dai and strawberry citrus gel

Yam Bam Thank You, Ma’am - Banana and koji gelato with sweet potato ganache

Saké Slinger - Saké and green apple sorbet

Wasa-Berri - Strawberry and wasabi sorbet

Samurai Cheesecake - Umeboshi gelato, plum puree and baked Japanese cheesecake

Matcha Mistachio - Matcha gelato with pistachio milk chocolate fudge

Yummi Umami - Caramel miso gelato with chewy caramel‍

Balmi Hanami - Cherry blossom gelato with lychee puree

The Taste of Japan Yummy Fun Truck
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