The Creative Department has a new pièce de résistance.  Sending off the previous 7 courses with a sweet ending, this is our proudest creation to date.

With Head Chef Remi Talbot at the helm, Messina’s Creative Department has become a place where food genres are being redefined.

'HONEY' has been designed to showcase what the Creative Department stands for.

Inspired by the floral notes of Rosebery Honey and their urban beehive, the dessert honours the beauty of bees, their beehives, honeycomb and nectar.  

Each sugar beehive is moulded by hand, using a sugar blowing technique and the bees atop the hive are sculpted from bergamot and liquorice jelly.  The three-tiered ceramic plates are also handmade at Sydney Clay Studio, making sure the dish has something equally beautiful to be presented on.

The dish will only be available at the Creative Department.


Wild Honey Gelato

Peach & Vanilla Oil

Fennel Pollen

Served with a DIY Cocktail

Salted Coconut, Burnt Lemon, Ginger, Honeycomb