Thanks to everyone who ordered - we've had an amazing response! For anyone who missed out, stay tuned as there will be limited stock available in selected stores for walk ins from Monday 8th June.


After last year's sell-out in-store, Messina's Greatest Hits — the new and improved, COVID approved edition — is back for 2020, pre-order now.

This year, you can pre-order and lock down your ride or die Messina Specials without leaving the couch. We’ve put together this year’s Top 40 specials, which will be available to pre-order from Thursday 21st May and pick up from 5th – 11th June at Rosebery, Tramsheds, Bondi, Darlinghurst, Parramatta, Fitzroy, Braddon and South Brisbane.

This ain't no one hit wonder. Greatest Hits is back baby, and more accessible than ever. We've collated your most loved specials, the ones that broke our DMs and sell out faster than we can blink. Adapting to the times, we've changed things up; from cabinet takeover madness to 100% pre-ordered, freshly churned, pre-packed tubs — making the experience better for you. From Thursday the 21st May, we're putting the call out to pre-order 500ml tubs of your favourite and very limited edition specials, before we churn and batch your take-home beauts.

The details:

  • Single flavour tubs - All flavours will be freshly packed on their lonesome in individual 500ml tubs. Better stacking, no flavour bleed, more hoarding, better value packs.
  • Pre-order means less queuing – pre-order as much as you want without leaving home and stroll on in for pick up 2-weeks later. We'll have staggered pick up dates and times over a week to avoid mass migration.
  • More availability – volume is higher and we've spread the love across more stores and states. Canberra and Brisbane now get a taste of the action and choose from one of four Syd stores to order from if you're a Syd local.
  • The more you buy, the better it is:

    - $16 per tub (but why stop at one?) OR
    - 3 FOR $45 (SAVE $3) - use promo code THREE at checkout
    - 6 FOR $85 (SAVE $11) - use promo code SIX at checkout
    - 9 FOR $125 (SAVE $19) - use promo code NINE at checkout
    - 20 FOR $260 (SAVE $60!) - use promo code BALLER at checkout

Pre-order now, with pick up between Friday 5th June – Thursday 11th June.

* As these are packed in uninsulated tubs, you'll need to get them home within 20 mins! Bring a cooler bag to be on the safe side.

The story behind Messina's Greatest Hits and 18 years of specials:

We’ve watched as over 4000 specials have hit the cabinet since opening. Some come and leave without so much as a whisper, whilst others make a lot of noise and are so good they make regular come backs. Always greeted with much frantic fanfare from those who know.

It’s hard to believe we’ve been around since 2002, when we opened our first Darlinghurst store on Victoria street.  In those 18 years and now close to 20 stores, our cabinets have seen over 4000 gelato specials and new flavours do the rounds, rotating in and out along side Messina classics. For those who don't know, Messina specials first came to fruition properly when Head Chef Donato Toce joined the team in 2008, and he made them a permanent offering. They now occupy 5 slots in our cabinet and rotate every week so there's a new flavour every Tuesday - Saturday. We've had thousands of different flavour creations over the years - some, we’re happy to forget about… like Nacho Libre (don’t ask) and Roast Chicken Sorbet, but there’s a lot that are house favourites, and that we get asked to bring back on the reg or have a special back story to them. They've become an integral part of Messina history and our story overall. So we thought we'd celebrate!

2019 was the first time we launched Messina’s Greatest Hits and you blew our socks off with how many of you came out to nab your favourite specials. There was a LOT of tub packing and a fair amount of queuing on your part, so hopefully this time pre-order will mean you’ll be able to get your hands on our all-time greats much easier.

Refund and Cancellation Policy
Unfortunately no order changes, refunds or cancellations will be available for Messina's Greatest Hits. Please choose carefully when ordering!

App Points
Unfortunately no app points will be available for Messina's Greatest Hits this year.